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R.C Planes

Radio-controlled Planes are small aircraft that can be controlled remotely. There are many different types, ranging from small park flyers to large jets and mid-sized aerobatic models. Flying RC aircraft as a hobby grew substantially from the 2000s with improvements in the cost, weight, performance and capabilities of motors, batteries and electronics. Perhaps with an aim of converting one’s hobby to a carrier, the training by Technoledge enables students to innovate by coming up with their own design of RC aircraft. We offer training in complete aeromodelling of aircraft and flight sessions for practical understanding.


Project Description


Authorized Certification to all participants

Chance to represent college in National Level Competition

Assistance to students by Industry Experts

Learn areas of robotics directly from industry experts.

Receive an unparalleled education on the art of aeronautics with personal one-on-one attention.

Kits and study materials designed by Professionals

Hands on Demonstrations of Latest aeronautics Techniques & Tools.

Assistance in projects from Technoledge team

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