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Personality Development

The influence of human personality upon the functional efficiency of an organization and its personnel has been widely recognized. The personality can also be modified to a certain extent. Accordingly, recent

years have seen a variety of efforts by professionals in various fields to design courses that will help develop certain positive trends in personality. The objective of such courses is to remove or screen out

those barriers or obstructions that stand in the way of the expression of individual personality, through a process of training.When effectively operational, this module should ensure that participants are given

adequate opportunity to gain skills that will help improve their functional efficiency.

Project Description


Authorized Certification to all participants

Chance to represent college in National Level Competition

Assistance to students by Industry Experts

Learn to communicate with more clarity, accuracy and persuasiveness

Receive an unparalleled education with personal one-on-one attention.

Manage your priorities so that you are always doing the most important thing

Distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism

Exposure will eventually help to face tech interviews with confidence.

Kits and study materials designed by professionals.

Assistance in projects from Technoledge team



 Projecting the Right First Impression

 Polishing manners to behave appropriately in social and professional circles

 Enhancing the ability to handle casual and formal situations in terms of personal grooming, dining and entertaining etiquette

 Developing and maintaining a positive attitude and being assertive

 Mastering Cross Cultural Etiquette

 Handling difficult situations with grace, style, and professionalism

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