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Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Technology training covers all the areas of industrial automation. It was conceived as a modular system, thus being attractive in price and open for any future modifications and expansions. The modular structure also allows tailoring the system to the requirements and desires of the customers. So the best and cost-effective solution can be found for every field of automation.

Project Description


Authorized Certification to all participants.

Assistance to students by Industry Experts.

Perform practical on PLC Training Kit

Improve your job prospects and get an edge over your counterparts.

Receive an unparalleled education with personal one-on-one attention

Can easily use this experience to develop good B.Tech/ M.Tech projects.

Kits and study materials designed by Professionals.

Assistance in projects from Technoledge team.


 Setup and configuration of a PLC

 Commissioning of an automation  system

 Understand the applications and  Connections involve in scada

 Connecting and commissioning of field  bus systems

Create buttons and in- and output  fields for the display of process  parameters

 Program typical industrial PLC hardware

 Use bar graphs and trend curves for  the graphic display of dynamic values

Testing and adjustment of sensors

Integration of safety modules in automation systems

 Safeguarding of parameters for MCB, Hydraulic, Pneumatic connections.


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