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Fest Collaboration

The face of technical education is changing and so are the technical fest of the colleges. More people are working full time to make their fest a larger one.New technologies are emerging and so are the workshops in the fest. Collaboration is not just a better way to have sponsorship, it is mission critical. Technoledge communicates and collaborate with the college fests to provide sponsorship and workshops so that their fests is leviated to get exposed on national platform. Technology is the tool and enabler that makes it happen. Which is why we are Collaborating for Tech Fests of the approved colleges where a vibrant community of talented and technology people, thought leaders and experts come together to share knowledge, experience and innovation.

Technoledge is committed to its initiative to support college fests as a way to build stronger emotional connect among students, faculty and alumni. We believe there is an inherent pride in every institute and Fests do a great job in bringing out these emotions. We have various sponsorship packages to choose from .

Hence come along and choose from multi dimensional workshop program and let your technical fest be a hub of emerging technologies with a taste of Innovative ideas. Fill out the details below and our sponsorship coordinator will be with you shortly.

Fest Collaboration

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