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Campus Ambassador Program

The main objective of Campus Ambassador Program is to achieve the vision of Technoledge Infotech Pvt. Ltd. This program consists of a network of students from various colleges who circulate the advantages of trainings by Technoledge and also help us to provide assistance various projects  of the students. The Campus Ambassadors will act as a bridge between the students of their college and Technoledge. The Campus Ambassadors, in their entire tenure would be equipped with tools that would be aimed to bring about their personal development as well as advancement in communication and management skills and will be assigned with certain roles and responsibilities which they have to complete.

Responsibilities as Campus Ambassador College:

Spread the importance of practical engineering in placements and projects by interacting with different students.

Planning and organizing events related Technoledge in their colleges with our support.

Build connections among the college managements to facilitate Technoledge events

Encourage students to take the membership of Technoledge.

Promoting Technoledge posts and events by sharing it on Social Networking Sites.

Coordinating with Technoledge team in providing assistance to the students in their projects.

Benefits from this program

Opportunity to work closely with the Research team of Technoledge

Fully sponsored training programs on Leadership & Marketing by industry experts

They can participate free of cost in the workshop organized by Technoledge team in their college

50% discount in the training organized by Technoledge team in their college

Platform to exhibit leadership skills

Goodies in the form of T-shirts and cash gifts

Internship opportunity at Civil Simplified subject to other criteria involving technical expertise

Campus Ambassador certificate from Civil Simplified

An opportunity to build your communication skills as you get to interact with other College Representatives and your college students to publicize Technoledge events in your campus.

Might also lead to full time job opportunity depending on the performance of the candidate

Job Opportunities at partner companies of Technoledge

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For (P.O.T)

For College



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