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   Technoledge Infotech Pvt. Ltd. has evolved from an idea. This idea is like pages of a book. Every time we try to come up with a new page and we add it up to the book, we make it more informative providing knowledge to the society for the betterment and advancement of the country.

   Technoledge was conceptualized to help empower the students to freely connect with each other on the platform of trained individuals. The outcome of this collaboration needs to nurture an ecosystem which enables the growth of individual by providing them an informative and reliable training which results in expansion of new ideas, entrepreneurs, new projects and skilled youth.

    When you train with us, you are training with the very best of the resilience profession. Our people have many years of industry experience combined with the expertise required to impart knowledge and encourage learning in a participative, vibrant and dynamic environment.

    Many of these are delivered from our organization in various colleges in the country but we also take our courses on the road, and deliver them from venues across India and abroad.  Not only that, most of this course can also be delivered from your own venue, condensed or extended to meet specific needs or entirely bespoke especially for you and your organization.

   We are continuously competing with ourselves and are innovating new methods and projects to provide students with latest technologies.

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