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The Intel MCS-51 (commonly termed 8051) is an internally Harvard architecture, complex instruction set computing (CISC) instruction set, single chip microcontroller (µC) series developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems. This training provides an opportunity for budding design engineers/Engineering students to come out from the theory and do lots of hands-on on technologies like Robotics & Embedded System which is also with the guidance of Industry Experts. Students will also get to learn the current expectation of Industry, new Technologies etc.

Project Description


Authorized Certification to all participants

Chance to represent college in National Level Competition

Learn areas of robotics directly from industry experts.

Receive an unparalleled education on the art of robotics with personal one-on-one attention.

Kits and study materials designed by Professionals

Practical Demonstrations of analysis techniques & tools.

Assistance in projects from Technoledge team


 Write assembly language program in 8051 for various embedded system applications

 Create the memory interfacing techniques with 8051

 Use of Actuators & Motors and it’s conjugation

 Interfacing different External Peripherals

 Create the memory interfacing techniques with 8051

 Manufacturing of robots and conjugation of hardware and software

 Real Time Embedded Projects

 Working with various Peripherals

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